About Us

PT. Mediate Indonesia is an independent Media and Creative Agency under subsidiary of MNC Group, established since 2001. As we know MNC Group is Southeast Asia’s Largest and Most Integrated Media Group. We are proud with ourselves having a lot of young talented members. It helps give the company fresh edge among the competitors and have allowed us to come up with innovative ideas and concepts that prove to be attractive to clients looking something new and exciting. That’s why we are here to “mediate” your brand promises and consumer’s needs.

What is Our Expertise?

Providing a complete range of creative solutions, media strategy and engagement, Mediate has the scope and flexibility to deliver highly successful campaigns with measurable results for each client.

Listen, Connect, Engage

Communicate to understand the client needs and goal. Give the best strategy of channels planning and efficient investment services. Maintain the long lasting engagement and great partnership.

Bring it Alive Ideas

Action is not one specific marketing tool. It’s an idea a mindset, a focus on creating fresh connections between the events and audiences out in the world where things happen. Connection in the form of experiences that are personally relevant, memorable, interactive and emotionally engaged.

The Power in Buying Capabilities

We are committed to deliver the best value and the most cost efficient investment by leveraging our Assets.

Mediate Indonesia is committed to deliver the best media value and the most cost efficient investment by giving through services using the FOCUS method. FOCUS method is “Finding On Correct and Ultimate Scheme”. Our great services are media, activation, Out of Home, and Digital.

In determining a strategy that is more focused and directed to the audience, Mediate Indonesia also uses the tools and data that are universally recognized, and at the same time performs continual monitoring to be able to create measurable strategies.
Mediate Indonesia is sure to give you the more personalized, carefully crafted strategy to suit your needs. So, let’s MEDIATE.