About Us Mediate Indonesia

Mediate Indonesia is an independent Full-service Advertising Agency. We provide a complete full funnel solutions in all range of contact points, Mediate has the scope and flexibility to deliver highly successful result to support Client’s campaign with measurable outcomes for each of our client’s needs.

We are proud to have a lot of young talented members. It helps the company have a fresh edge among the competitors and has allowed us to come up with innovative ideas and concepts that prove to be attractive to clients looking for something new and exciting. That’s why we are here to “mediate” your brand promises and consumer’s needs.

Multi Media Integration (MMI)

Under PT. Mediate Indonesia, Multi Media Integration (MMI) is a subsidiary engaged in digital strategy and advertising agency on digital platform. These digital services include ad serving on websites and social media. MMI also develops its business in digital production which includes: digital content creative, digital activity and website development- maintenance.

MNC Group Business Unit


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Vision & Mission


Our primary vision is to be the best media agency for conventional and digital media as well as emerging new media in the national and international advertising industry.

  • To provide innovative and effective brand and integrated solutions that help our customers grow their business.
  • To provide a complete range of services as an agency including design, print, strategy consultation and advertising placement in various media such as tv, out of home, newspapers, online/digital media, radio and off air events.
Corporate Values
  • Vision: The ability to anticipate future business opportunities and become the market leader
  • Quality: Total commitment to be the best
  • Speed: Provides timely and high quality services to be at the forefront

Management – Directors

Ernita Ariestanty – COO
Rachmat Nurhadi – CFO
Achjuman A. Achyadi – CEO

Organization Structure

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