Srimulat Film Gives Refreshment to National Film

Indonesian film industry has been surprised by the release of Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal. This national film, whose idea was initiated by MNC Pictures from 2018, finally completed all the filming and production processes in April 2022. With comedy plot, this film tells the history of a comedy group, Srimulat, from the beginning of their career.

During the premier of this film in theaters, Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT) as the Executive Chairman of MNC Group said, “I really support that national films can be developed continuously, MNC will definitely participate and be a part of that.”

From Srimulat, we can see Indonesian film industry has develop with many talented young actors year by year.

If you are a fans of local films, especially with comedy genre, you don’t want to miss this Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal. The film, which starring many famous artists such as Bio One, Dimas Anggara and Ibnu Jamil, is still showing in Indonesian cinemas. So what are you waiting for? Go ask friends & family to watch together!

Source:, May 2022

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